French Lifestyle Sale at One Kings Lane

Cook Up an Organized Kitchen at One Kings Lane — Sale Ends 3/04
Every iconic French kitchen is organized yet chic, and equipped with the furniture and lighting to turn a workspace into an artist’s studio. These pieces might not make you Jacques Pépin, but they’ll certainly go a long way towards helping you make a better brioche.
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This is the French Life at One Kings Lane — Sale Ends 2/28 
Nothing says, “C’est la Vie” like a table set with brightly colored French linens, steaming porcelain bowls of café au lait and tea plates with buttery croissants. These pieces will give you a taste of French life every day in your own home.
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Signed, Sealed and Delivered at One Kings Lane — Sale Ends 3/1
Here are some wonderful items on sale (custom stamps, engraved wax sealers and more) that will inspire you to bring back the art of the handwritten letter. Maybe one that details your next Parisian adventure.

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